Many people look at their piano like I look at my car. You know when things are “right” but looking inside will only yield confusion if something goes wrong. I treat my clients like I hope my auto mechanic treats me – honestly, practically, and reliably.

I have a certificate from the American School of Piano Tuning and tune using the best tuning equipment on the market. I charge $75 for a standard piano tuning. A double-pass tuning is required when a piano has been neglected for a while; I charge $90 for a double-pass tuning. For severely neglected pianos, a restorative tuning or a pitch raise is necessary. This requires two appointments within 4-6 weeks and will cost a total of $135. I am based in Bartlesville, OK, so there is no mileage charge for anyone in Washington County, Nowata County, Skiatook, Caney, KS and the rural areas in between.

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